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the Homeschool Newsletter from the Vicki Arnold blog!

Woot! Confetti! Glitter! Streamers! I’m not cleaning it up!

All fanfare aside, it is pretty simple. A few times each month (no more than four because ain’t nobody got time for that!), you will receive an email from yours truly.

What will it contain? Well, I am glad you asked because I was going to tell you anyways!

  • free printables (like my curriculum planning pages)
  • homeschool freebies I will be making specifically for my lovely subscribers (sort of like the curriculum planning pages, but not necessarily printables)
  • announcements for special happenings on the blog (things like upcoming giveaways, reviews, and special happenings)
  • exclusive giveaways
  • encouragement for your homeschool journey

That pretty much sums it up. Short, sweet, and to the point. I also promise you this, they will not be too long. I know you are busy and do not desire to add one more thing that takes away time from your day.

Oh, wait. You’re wondering about that plea for help, right? Well, I need your help spreading the word about the Homeschool Newsletter! Please tell your friends on Facebook, tweet a link to this post, email your friends the link, or pin the above graphic on Pinterest to a relevant board.

I could really use your help here. Trust me, the bigger the list grows, the better the giveaways. It’s that simple.

Sign up NOW and then start spreading the news!

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